Super safe bash history



function make_bash_history_safe() {
history -a # Save current history in memory to ~/.bash_history
history -c # Clear current history list in memory
# Comment all uncommented commands in ~/.bash_history with sed
sed -i -e 's/^\([^#]\)/# \1/g' ~/.bash_history
history -r # Reload history in memory from ~/.bash_history file
# Execute make_bash_history_safe after each command execution
PROMPT_COMMAND="make_bash_history_safe; "


A screencast of safe history after each command execution
history -a; history -c; sed -i -e 's/^\([^#]\)/# \1/g'  ~/.bash_history ; history -r;

Slight Pitfall

<Ctrl-a> ; Go to beginning of line
<Ctrl-d> ; Delete first character on line, `#` in this case
<Return> ; Run the command
function remove_comment() {
READLINE_LINE=`echo ${READLINE_LINE} | sed -E -e "s/^[# ]+//g"`
bind -x '"\C-x\C-x": remove_comment'





Linux Geek and Anime Freak

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Ayush Goyal

Ayush Goyal

Linux Geek and Anime Freak

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